Quinn and Alex at the Los Angeles Flower Market in the wee hours of the morning nearly 10 years ago.

Quinn and Alex at the Los Angeles Flower Market in the wee hours of the morning nearly 10 years ago.

At Birchwood Creative we have a passion for both flowers and design. Before humans created agriculture they had already been creating art and having gatherings for thousands of years. Beauty and design speaks to us on such a deep and fundamental level. We believe that good design is essential. Pretty flowers are simply not enough without thoughtful, artful design. Birchwood Creative's mission is to transform, inspire and create awe through the art of floral design and decor.

Alex Vaughan is Birchwood's head designer and owner. Alex is not like other designers in that she did not come to floral and event design after years of working in another field. It is what she's always done and has always been passionate about. It was a career she chose over ten years ago rather than a hobby turned job. As a result, she hungrily sought knowledge and skill from the very best in the industry from NYC to LA.

Alex has been designing since 2004. She began her career as a floral designer in Los Angeles doing flowers and events for celebrities and hollywood hot shots. After working for the top event planners and florists in Los Angeles she moved to New York City to further her experience. 

Working in New York she had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from the biggest names in the industry including Preston Bailey, Ovando and David Stark.  Now she's in Nashville and ready to raise the bar in event design for the whole Southern US.

Quinn Kiesow is our Operations Manager and organizational guru. Quinn has years of experience managing events in both Los Angeles and New York. They say one is either right-brained or left-brained, however Quinn manages to somehow be both with an incredible mix of truly out of the box creativity as well as exceptional organizational skills. He can be a bit obsessed with creating systems and “function stacking” in order to get everything done in the most efficient way possible. He also speaks Alex fluently and can turn her crazy ideas into reality using his seemly innate building and woodworking skills.

On top of all this he is always cool and collected and capable of offering the best customer service possible. 

Alex and Quinn came to Nashville to put down roots and start a family and business together. They have a beautiful daughter named Johnnie and an anxious dingo dog named Lucy. When they're not flowering you can generally find them in the front yard gardening or having a glass of wine with good friends and good conversation.


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