Grand Opening! / by Alexsandria Vaughan

Hello Nashville!!! 

Birchwood Creative is now open for business in Nashville, TN. Serving the whole Southern U.S. and beyond! 

I've always been a big city girl. I grew up in Miami, moved to Boston at 18, Los Angeles at 21 and New York city at 26.  

Now I'm here in Nashville to stay and I can't tell you how excited I am! Nashville seems to exude potential and endless possibilities. There's room to grow here and I'm feeling like spreading out real wide. 

I don't know about ya'll ( you see, I'm settling in nicely) but it seems to me that the Nashville weddings and events scene needs a bit of a facelift. See, I know as brides and party-goers, you've done your research. We all have the same internet and you know the level of design that's out there. You see the blogs and the magazines, and you know what wows you and what makes you yawn. You have the eye. You know what you want. 

Well ladies, and perhaps a gentleman or two, I would love the opportunity to give it to you. I want Nashville to rival New York, LA and even Paris. I want to be a part of the wave of creativity that's making Nashville the new "it" city. And I know there are at least a few event designers around here who want to do it too (like my friend Jen from Reveal). 

I'm super excited and eager to prove myself in my new city, so give me a call and let's do something amazing together!