We're on the TV! / by Alexsandria Vaughan

Birchwood Creative is now the official florist for the TV show Nashville on ABC!

After going through several florists and never being able to find the one that could do it all, Nashville has decided on Birchwood Creative. The project is particularly exciting for me as a designer in that it's a constant design challenge. Obviously, each character on the show has their own style. And as such, each character needs a different style of arrangement.

For example, Rayna James is the oldest of the female stars. She's in her 40's with two kids and is a classic southern woman. So of course, her home is going to have lots of traditional looking, feminine, southern style arrangements. But, she's in her 40's not her 70's so we're not talking about lilies with ferns and baby's breath either.

Rayna's coffee table.

Rayna's coffee table.

Juliette Barnes, on the other hand, is young, hip and modern. She's no longer a starlet, but a full blown star. She's a woman of the future and her tastes, while still feminine are decidedly modern. Like her home, her flowers must be sleek and architectural with clean lines and lots of negative space.

photo (7).JPG

Creating arrangements of varying styles is a challenge in itself, but even more so is the challenge of working within the restraints of film. As a designer I must always be aware of what a camera is able to pick up versus what the arrangement looks like in person. Our eyes are incredibly adept at deciphering texture and subtle color variations. Unfortunately, the camera is not yet capable of picking up on these subtleties so it becomes very important to keep the limitations of the camera in mind.

We here at Birchwood are loving being a part of the Nashville crew! We hope you tune in to the show and keep a keen eye out for our creations! Also, be sure to follow us on instagram and twitter for more photos and frequent updates! Just click the instagram  or twitter icons at the top right corner of the website.

Nashville airs on Wednesdays at 9 on ABC.