A Goal Realized / by Alexsandria Vaughan

This past week I was honored to help out David Stark and his team in producing this years Swan Ball. David Stark has always been one of my favorite event designers and working with his team has long been a career goal of mine.

While still living in New York I sent a resume to David Stark Designs and waited anxiously for a reply that never came. Or at least not until one year later when I had already moved to my new home here in Nashville. While I was bummed that the call came too late for an extended employment opportunity, serendipity would have it that the call was  just in time for me to offer my services for the Swan Ball production team.

Working with David Stark and his team was wonderful. Everyone was excited to be there and worked so well together. The theme was Timeless Elegance and they really pulled it off! The event was indeed timelessly elegant while still having that David Stark signature look to it.

Plucked from David Stark's Instagram @david_stark_design

Plucked from David Stark's Instagram @david_stark_design

Yours truly was honored with the task of creating the very first floral arrangement guests saw when entering the party. Check it out!

Creating large branch arrangements takes time and muscle but the end result is always worth it!

Working with DSD on Swan Ball was inspiring, reinvigorating and served to strengthen my commitment to detail. Not a single tiny detail was overlooked. They even pulled out measuring tapes to ensure perfect centerpiece placement on each and every table. Amazing!

Something I've learned from being in this business for over ten years and having the honor of working with the best of the best is that you're never too experienced to learn something new. I certainly managed to learn a few things this weekend.