Floral Subscriptions! / by Alexsandria Vaughan

Great news friends! Birchwood has started a floral subscription service!

Working in flowers for so many years on both coasts has provided me with a wealth of knowledge. One of the most important and useful bits of knowledge I've acquired is an extensive list of the best flower wholesalers and growers from around the world. Now I'm going to use that knowledge to bring the freshest, most gorgeous, most unique flowers right to your front door on a regular basis.

Get a big bundle of these lovelies sent to your front door!

Get a big bundle of these lovelies sent to your front door!

The concept is pretty simple really. Just like a magazine subscription, except instead of a boring magazine you get the freshest, most fan-frickin'-tastic flowers available in Nashville delivered to your door on a regular basis. You can sign up right here on the website just click the button below.

Choose from weekly, bi-monthly (every other week), and monthly options. Simple bundles of beauties you can arrange yourself, or expertly designed, custom arrangements made specifically for your taste and space. And there's no contract so you can cancel at any time. We don't want to force you to live amongst incredible flowers (we're hoping we don't have to!).