A King's Feast / by Alexsandria Vaughan


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This was done for a 40th surprise birthday party. At the last minute I decided to create a bridal bouquet just for the photos because everything looked so lovely I thought it would make a great wedding inspiration.

I found this image when looking for inspiration for this party. Pintrest is nice when you want to find images of parties and centerpieces people have already done but my go-to for raw inspiration is google images. You never know what will come up there. I searched "peaches and figs" the fruits of the season and found this image. The party was for a man so I wanted it to be masculine. He was turning 40 and well regarded among his peers so I wanted to create something that was sophisticated and representative of a distinguished man of a certain age. 

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Photography by Diana Lee Zadlo

Planning by Debra Geiger