Questions? We have answers!

  • What is the floral subscription service and how does it work?

Working in flowers for so many years on both coasts has provided me with a wealth of knowledge. One of the most important and useful bits of knowledge I've acquired is an extensive list of the best flower wholesalers and growers from around the world. Now I'm going to use that knowledge to bring the freshest, most gorgeous, most unique flowers right to your front door on a regular basis.

The concept is pretty simple really. Just like a magazine subscription, except instead of a boring magazine you get the freshest, most fan-frickin'-tastic flowers available in Nashville delivered to your door on a regular basis. You can sign up right here on the website just click the button below.

Choose from weekly, bi-monthly (every other week), and monthly options. Simple bundles of beauties you can arrange yourself, or expertly designed, custom arrangements made specifically for your taste and space. And there's no contract so you can cancel at any time. We don't want to force you to live amongst incredible flowers (we're hoping we don't have to!).


Our simple bundles are typically big bunches of all one flower. We seek out rare and unusual varieties and you can be sure that you won't find them at Trader Joes. With the incredible variability of flowers you'll never receive the same thing twice within a year, if ever!

Most weeks you'll receive all one variety of flower. Although some weeks we may see two kinds of flowers that were just made for each other. 

In the summer months we like to source our flowers from local farmers as often as we can. Therefore, during the season you may receive a couple wildflower bundles with a mix of various things reflecting the seasonality of our great state. 

  • Why are the bundles only one kind of flower?

There are so many reason that we're going to bullet point them for you!

  1. We want you to be in love with your bundle each and every week. So we focus on finding and sending the most gorgeous flowers possible with NO FILLER.
  2. Everyone's design tastes are different but we never want you to receive a bundle you're not totally excited about so we decided to remove our egos from the process and simplify the concept so that what's left is just the undeniable beauty of fresh, fabulous flowers. 
  3. Purchasing one kind of flower allows us to find exactly what is looking it's best and buy a large quantity of just that thing. That way, you get the best flowers available and we get the best price possible so we can send you as many stems as possible. 
  4. By not designing your flowers into a bouquet, they get handled less and sit around for a much shorter amount of time. This means that when they get to you, they're in perfect shape and primed to last as long as possible. Depending on the variety you may even get more than a week out of them!
  5. Giving you a big bundle of all one flower allows you to divide your flowers up into multiple vases so you can spread the beauty around a bit.
  6. We think big bouquets of all one flower are absolutely STUNNING!
  • Does that mean I have to arrange my own flowers?

Your flowers will come to you lovingly bundled in brown paper, all you'll need to do is give them a fresh cut with a kitchen scissors. 

When the flowers come in from the grower, we put them in water for a few hours to re-hydrate them. Then we inspect them for any imperfections, clean up any blemishes, clean off the excess foliage and cut them all to the same stem size so they'll be easy to drop in a vase without arranging. 

  • How many stems come in a bundle?

The specific number of stems will vary each week depending on the variety. For example, if we are sending peonies you should expect to receive between 25-30 stems. However, if we're sending iris you can expect to receive 45-50 stems. Whatever the case, you can be sure you'll always receive enough to nicely fill at least one vase if not two or three. 

  • Where do your flowers come from?

Alex and Quinn have spent over a decade working in flowers all over the country. Over the years they figured out where the best of the best were coming from and formed relationships with growers and wholesalers. The weekly bundle is decided on based entirely on what's looking incredible that week. Sometime long and slender French tulips will have that wow factor. Other times Dutch hydrangea will clearly be the winner with it's unbelievably large and firm heads of crazy beautiful flowers. We think it's important to support our local farmer so when the season is just right, we'll send out a giant bundle of Japanese anemones from right here in Tennessee. It's all about finding the best flower with which to impress you each and every week. 

  • What if I'm not home to receive my flowers?

If you're not home we'll leave your flowers in a cute little galvanized zinc bucket for you in a shady spot. 

On your checkout form there's a spot to leave delivery instructions. Please leave a description of a nice shady spot in which we can leave your flowers in a bucket for you. If there is no such place at your home then we recommend having your flowers delivered to your office instead.

  • Can you deliver my flowers to my office?


  • What if my flowers aren't looking so good when I get them?

If your flowers are anything less than perfect upon arrival we will send out a whole new bundle asap! However, you must let us know within 24 hours. No matter what time of day or night, just snap a quick pic with your phone and send us an email and we'll get you a new bundle. Each bundle is sent out with a care card with instruction on how to care for your flowers. Because we cannot account for how the flowers are treated after we've delivered them so we cannot send out new flowers after 24 hours has past.