Class for 5

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Class for 5


This is a class for up to five people.

When you purchase a class I come to you! Spend an evening or a Sunday afternoon drinking wine with friends and learning to arrange beautiful flowers. Your guests will have fond memories as well as a gorgeous arrangement of their own making to take home with them.

All tools, flowers, and even a bottle of wine are included in the purchase price.

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This class is for up to 5 people.

In each of our classes you will learn about basic flower care, choosing complimentary colors, and picking the proper flowers to make the biggest impact. Every class includes all the materials you'll need as well as a print-out to refer back to when designing in the future. Each class has a specific goal and set of techniques and of course, your creations are yours to take home and enjoy!

Our classes:

The Perfect Bouquet: Learn techniques to create the perfect handheld bouquet that can also be easily plopped into a vase to double as a simple and gorgeous vase arrangement.

The Table Centerpiece: Learn techniques to create a low and lush table centerpiece that doesn't get in your guests faces but compliments your surroundings.

The Modern Arrangement: Learn techniques for making a modern arrangement in the architectural style with clean lines, and using negative space.

Using Your Own Vases: In this class you'll be asked to bring in two of your own vases from home. You'll learn what flowers and design techniques are appropriate for the various types and shapes of vases. This class is recommended for those that have taken previous floral design classes.

PLEASE NOTE: Your class must be purchased at least 2 weeks before the date you wish to host.